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Source Of Wastewater:comprehensive wastewater generated during the process of laboratory drugs, reagents, test solutions, waste liquids, residual reagents, container washing, instrument cleaning, and dripping;
Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Capacity: 500 L/D
Wastewater Components:mainly classified into inorganic, organic, and biological
Inorganic Species:heavy metal ions, acid-base pH, halogen ions and other non-metal ions;
a, heavy metal ions: mercury, cadmium, total chromium, hexavalent chromium, lead, manganese, silver, nickel, zinc, iron, cobalt, tin, magnesium, zinc, copper, aluminum, arsenic and other metal cations and in the complex state Heavy metal ion clusters (Cr2O7)2-, (CuCN)-, (AuCN)-, (Ptcl6)2-, etc.;
b, non-metal ions: fluoric acid or fluoride, free cyanide or cyanide compounds, complex ion compounds, AsO32-, AsO43-, Hg+, Hg2+, etc.;
c, pH value of acid and alkali: nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, etc.;
Organic Substances:organic solvents, detergents, surfactants, benzene, toluene, xylene, aniline, phenol, polychlorinated biphenyls, benzopyrene, phenols, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrylonitrile, acrolein, alkanes, alkenes , hydrogen fluoride, petroleum, oils and fats, methanol, aniline, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitro compounds, nitrosamines, chlorobenzenes, nitrobenzenes, ethers, mixed hydrocarbons, ketones, sugars, halogens Hydrocarbons, proteins, organophosphorus pesticides, etc.;
Biological Species:pathogens, etc.;
a, pathogens: bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, spirochetes, fungi, Brucella, Bacillus anthracis, etc.;
Emission Standards After Wastewater Treatment:
It meets the three-level emission standard in the national comprehensive wastewater discharge standard [GB8978-1996]
Meet the pollutant discharge standards of urban sewage treatment plants (GB18918-2002)
Meets the C-level emission standard in the National Sewage Discharge Water Quality Standard for Urban Sewage (CJ343-2010)
Floor Area:5-8 square meters
Total Power Consumption:0.6KW
Operating Weight:200Kg
1. The device adopts programmable intelligent controller and human-machine interface to touch the LCD screen
2. Automatic intelligent control system, no need to be on duty
3. The electronic control system of the equipment is automatically detected when it is turned on, fully automatic processing, automatic protection of abnormal state such as power failure and overload, automatic alarm and processing of faults, automatic recording and management of historical operation water quality data, etc
4. It has the functions of leakage and leakage automatic protection, automatic power failure reset, automatic caller processing, high and low voltage automatic protection, no waste water protection, etc.; liquid level protection function of each processing unit, overload protection function of electrical equipment, and overload protection function of electric line
5. standard monitoring instrument: 4-way online water quality monitoring (PH monitoring + suspended matter monitoring + dissolved total solids monitoring + residual chlorine monitoring) and 2 flow / pressure monitoring
6. With 5 levels of timing automatic flushing function: automatic flushing of parts that need to be flushed, longer service life, can increase the life of consumables twice
7. The system has complete maintenance prompts and alarm functions: the system can prompt the user to replace consumables, internal self-test information of the system, etc., so that the user can completely understand the operating status of the system at a glance, all Chinese replacement instructions, with system log function
8. Device timing switch function: the device can be set according to the actual use of automatic boot and automatic shutdown time
9. The equipment through the central centralized control, dynamic operation, digital indicators, processing thoroughly
10. The equipment is integrated and integrated: beautiful appearance, small floor space, fast processing speed, convenient installation and movement, simple operation, less stable operation, long service life of consumables, low cost of consumables and low maintenance cost
11. Low operating cost, low system power, low energy consumption; automatic drug delivery according to proportion, less consumption of drugs; no need to be on duty, no special person management fees
12. Fully automatic treatment of wastewater, automatically calculating and proportionating the composition and concentration of different wastewaters
13. Environmentally friendly: The system uses double-type silent motor and anti-corrosion pump, which has low noise; the whole process adopts closed treatment, no odor, no leakage, no secondary pollution such as waste residue and exhaust gas
14. Highly compatible: system function modules and scalability can be flexibly selected according to actual needs, to adapt to various needs
15. With voice reminder: a variety of state voice registration
16. The system has a PIN double password lock: the power-on password and the function setting password are separated from the management rights and usage rights of the device to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the device
17. Multi-level navigation menu (separate "system time", "system settings", "water quality record", "system screen", "maintenance prompt", "manual control" interface menu), multi-level menu with password protection Features
18. Using special simulation monitoring software, fully automatic control of the whole system, intelligent control of the components in the system, the system has a power-off memory function, can automatically run after power-on
19. Provide a dedicated computer/mobile terminal remote control suite to monitor the operational data and status of the network-aware device in real-time online using Wisdom. The device data is transmitted to the cloud through the encryption protocol for cloud computing and big data aggregation and analysis, and the information is accurately pushed to the after-sales department to realize the “preventive maintenance type” after-sales service. The historical data, operation records or alarm records can be queried at any time, and the standardization is satisfied. Data archiving and traceability requirements
20. Using CREO 3D graphics software to model the entire system, to ensure that each component and pipeline are optimized (horizontal, vertical, concise, centralized), the system can be seen on the computer before installation The effect picture is completely one to one according to the actual size design, can be rotated and scaled arbitrarily, can provide three-dimensional map to the customer, and ensure the later upgrade is very convenient
Manufacturer Qualification Requirements
Passed the EU CE testing certification and has the ISO9001:2008 quality system certificate; has a five-star after-sales service certification, 3A credit rating certificate, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification , PLC analog signal shielding interference software (EUG-TPIN-PU33) V1.0; installation and construction personnel hold the water treatment (higher) professional qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (available on the official website)
Basics Of Design
1. The maximum amount of sewage water is up to 500L per day
2. Sewage components: metal ions, organic matter (such as triphenyl, methanol, acetone, ether, etc.), acid and alkali
3. Source of sewage: comprehensive wastewater generated in the process of laboratory drugs, reagents, test solutions, waste liquids, residual reagents, container washing, instrument cleaning, and leakage
4. Emission standards after laboratory wastewater treatment: 
1) Comply with the three-level emission standard in the National Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard [GB8978-1996]
2) in line with the requirements of the environmental assessment acceptance of new experimental buildings across the country
System Process
1. Wide practicality: It can be adapted to the wastewater treatment of various laboratories
2. Advanced technology: the use of a number of advanced technologies for multi-layer treatment of integrated wastewater purification, fully meet emission standards
3. high degree of automation: centralized control, friendly man-machine interface, simple operation, fully automatic operation, no need to be on duty
4. Automatic protection function: leakage or leakage automatic protection function, high and low voltage automatic protection function, no waste water protection function, liquid level protection function of each processing unit, electrical equipment overload protection function, electrical line overload protection function
5. Timed automatic cleaning function: the system automatically cleans the parts that need to be cleaned, and the parts have a longer service life
6. Low operating cost: low system power, low energy consumption; stable operation, less failure, low maintenance cost; long service life of consumables, low cost of consumables; no need for special personnel to guard, free of personnel management fees
7. Environmentally friendly: The system uses double-type silent motor and anti-corrosion pump, which has low noise; the whole process adopts closed treatment, no odor,No leakage, no secondary pollution to the environment such as waste residue, waste water and waste gas
8. Intelligent integration: Through “one-stop” integrated design, the floor space is small, the processing speed is fast, and the installation and movement are convenient.Really engineering and equipment, beautiful appearance
9. Time switch function: The device can set the morning automatic boot time and the night automatic shutdown time according to the customer's situation. After the time is set, the device automatically starts up every morning, and automatically shuts down at night, eliminating the operator every morning and evening. Go to the device processing room to boot and shut down
10. System stability and security: stable industrial control, reliable hardware platform and automatic operation system, safe design and application of module structure and equipment safety, and provide perfect management mechanism for stable operation of the system through regular and legal software management. Technical measures such as control measures and alarm monitoring
System Main Configuration List
Waste water tank
Eugen Technology
Anti-corrosion lifting pump
2 sets
Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
Organic filter
1 set
Eugen Technology
Heavy metal trap
1 set
Eugen Technology
Dosing tank
Metering pumps
1 set
Eugen Technology
Ozone generator
1 set
Pressure gauge
2 pieces
Aeration head
Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
Ultrafiltration device
1 set
Eugen Technology
PH tester
1 set
Eugen Technology
Automatic intelligent control system
1 set
Eugen Technology
Supporting instruments, etc.
1 batch
Matching pipe fittings, etc.
1 batch
Acid and alkali resistant, UPVC
Supporting power wire and cable
1 batch
Total processing area of system processing: about 3 square meters
Total system power: 500W or so 220V
Equipment ambient temperature: 0-40℃
Electrical Control Design
Power Supply
The laboratory integrated wastewater treatment equipment uses 220V cable to introduce the required capacity power into the control room power distribution cabinet, and then distributes it to each power equipment.
The equipment adopts automatic control system, which mainly controls the electrical energy components such as sewage lifting pump, ozone device, liquid level device, electromagnetic valve and monitoring instrument in the equipment.
Design Principles
To ensure safety, the metal casing of all sewage treatment systems in this design is connected to the ground.
Control Method
(1) According to the process requirements, the main links in the sewage lifting system can be controlled on site, and the water level in the sewage pool is transmitted by the float switch to achieve the purpose of automatic liquid level control.
(2) Once the automatic control fails or the process is changed, the system can be manually controlled, and the working state is observed by the signal light to operate normally or not.
(3) In order to reduce the labor intensity of operation and realize automation and mechanization of operation, each pump automatically works according to the liquid level in the pool (or according to the action of the foreline pump).
(4) The above equipments are equipped with automatic and manual control switches. During normal operation, no personnel management is required, which is completely controlled by the system control cabinet, and can also be controlled separately.

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