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Environmental Monitoring Station

Technical Parameters
Parameter Content
Device Name
Laboratory integrated wastewater treatment system
Equipment Model
Water Production
Wastewater Source
Water quality testing wastewater: comprehensive wastewater generated during the process of drugs, reagents, test solutions, wastewater, residual reagents, container washing, instrument cleaning, and dripping
Water Quality
It meets the three-level emission standard in the national comprehensive wastewater discharge standard [GB8978-1996]
Meet the pollutant discharge standards of urban sewage treatment plants (GB18918-2002)
Meets the C-level emission standard in the National Sewage Discharge Water Quality Standard for Urban Sewage (CJ343-2010)
Equipment Power Supply
220/380V, 3-phase 5-wire system, 50Hz
Operating Power Consumption
Working Environment
5~40℃,avoid direct sunlight
Floor Area
2~3square meters
Running Weight
Operation Mode
Continuous operation, unattended, remote computer / mobile phone control
1. The device adopts PLC programmable intelligent controller and human-machine interface to touch the LCD screen
2. automatic intelligent control system, no need to be on duty
3. Automatic detection of electronic control system of equipment when starting up, automatic water production, automatic protection of abnormal state such as power failure and overload, automatic alarm alarm and processing function, automatic recording and management of historical operation water quality data, etc
4. It has automatic leakage protection, automatic power failure reset, automatic water injection, high and low voltage automatic protection, no waste water protection, etc.; liquid level protection function of each processing unit, overload protection function of electrical equipment, and overload protection function of electric line
5. water quality monitoring: 4-way online water quality monitoring (pH value monitoring + turbidity SS monitoring + color monitoring + optional COD monitoring)
6. with 5 levels of timing automatic flushing function: automatic flushing of parts that need to be flushed, longer service life, can increase the life of consumables twice
7. The system has complete maintenance prompts and alarm functions: the system can prompt the user to replace consumables, internal self-test information of the system, etc., so that the user can completely understand the operating status of the system at a glance, all Chinese replacement instructions, with system log function
8. device timing switch function: the device can be set according to the actual use of automatic boot and automatic shutdown time
9. the equipment through the central centralized control, dynamic operation, digital indicators, processing thoroughly
10. The equipment is integrated and integrated: beautiful appearance, small floor space, fast processing speed, convenient installation and movement, simple operation, less stable operation, long service life of consumables, low cost of consumables and low maintenance cost
11. Low operating cost, low system power, low energy consumption; automatic drug delivery according to proportion, less consumption of drugs; no need to be on duty, no special person management fees
12. Fully automatic treatment of wastewater, automatically calculating and proportionating the composition and concentration of different wastewaters
13. The system has a PIN code lock: the device management right and the use right are separated to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the device
14. Environmentally friendly: The system uses double-type silent motor and anti-corrosion pump, which has low noise; the whole process adopts closed treatment, no odor, no leakage, no secondary pollution such as waste residue and exhaust gas
15. Highly compatible: system function modules and scalability can be flexibly selected according to actual needs to adapt to various needs
16. with voice reminder: a variety of state voice registration
17. The system has a PIN double password lock: it has separate power management and usage rights for the power-on password and function setting password to ensure normal operation and safe use of the equipment
18. multi-level navigation menu (separate "system time", "advanced parameters", "water quality record", "system log", "maintenance prompt", "replacement flow" interface menu), multi-level menu with password protection
19. the system power is small, low energy consumption; stable operation, less failure, long service life of consumables, low cost of consumables
20. the equipment is beautiful in appearance, small in floor space, low in noise, stable in operation, long in service life, no odor, no leakage
21. using special simulation monitoring software, fully automatic control of the whole system, intelligent control of the components in the system, the system has a power-off memory function, can automatically run after power-on
22. Provide EUG-specific remote control suite, use intelligent IOT to monitor the running data and running status of the network sensing device in real time and remotely control or lock the device. The device data is transmitted to the cloud through the encryption protocol, and the cloud performs big data aggregation and analysis, and pushes the fault information to the after-sales personnel
Process Flow

Product Application