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The service plan provides comprehensive services for mission-critical systems, including proactive

services to prevent instrument downtime and rapid on-site response to service needs.

Bronze Service

  · Priority response, faster than a single on-demand repair service,make sure your lab equipment is back to normal operation quickly.
  · All required on-site repairs,help your system get back to normal operation.
  · All parts and consumables required for repairall are included.
  · EUG Remote Advisor Assistant and Report,real-time support and device usage and utilization reports are available, if available.
  * Subject to local parts replacement policy.   ** If required, install it. Installation fees are waived if you only need to connect to the minimum number of systems.   + A selection report is available.
  Every interaction, EUG experts are committed to providing you with important insights to help you succeed.
  The skills provided by service engineers can help you improve your environmental protection capabilities, optimize your laboratory waste treatment options, and improve your environmental disposal capabilities.