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Water Treatment Project

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1. Using the most advanced water treatment technology, the tap water is directly converted into pure water and ultrapure water through multi-stage treatment such as deep pretreatment of source water, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, conventional mixed bed and EDI system. It can meet different laboratory or production water, and the water quality and quantity of water can be upgraded.
2. The system adopts two-stage reverse osmosis advanced treatment technology (for the high salt content of source water in coastal cities and northern regions), with higher salt rejection rate and longer service life, and can produce high quality pure water as EDI system. The influent water is beneficial to the better EDI operation and prolongs the service life of the EDI, which can effectively reduce the operating cost.
3. The reverse osmosis membrane is automatically flushed at regular intervals (the system automatically flushes the first-stage reverse osmosis membrane every time it runs for one hour. The rinsing time can be set according to the situation, and then the secondary reverse osmosis membrane is washed once. The rinsing time is based on the actual situation. Setting) and manual rinsing function can effectively prevent RO membrane fouling and prolong RO membrane life.
4. PLC programmable intelligent control system, human-machine interface operating system, LCD display Chinese display, with human-machine dialogue function, clock and language setting function, automatic detection of equipment electronic control system when booting, automatic water, storage The water is stored in the bucket, and the water is taken quickly and timely; if the water is stopped or the water pressure is not enough, the system will automatically shut down and protect the power, and no special personnel are required.
4.1. Time switch machine: The device automatically shuts down the system after the user gets off work or ends with water. When the user starts to go to work or the water is automatically started before the system, the driver is completely unattended.
4.2. Waterless protection function: If the source water is cut off or lacks water, the buzzer will alarm and the controller will shut down the entire RO system to prevent the pump from pumping. When the source water returns to normal, the system automatically starts running.
4.3. Pure water tank liquid level protection function: When the pure water tank pure water exceeds the high liquid level, that is, when the water is full, the controller closes the entire RO system. When the liquid level falls back, the system automatically resumes running.
4.4. High and low voltage protection function: When the system operating pressure is too high or too low, the buzzer will alarm and the controller will shut down the entire RO system to prevent damage to the pump and reverse osmosis membrane. When the system pressure returns to normal, the system starts automatically.
4.5. Automatic water leakage protection function: When water leakage occurs during system operation, the system automatically alarms and stops running.
4.6. Automatic leakage protection function: When there is leakage during the operation of the system, the system automatically alarms and stops running to prevent electric shock accidents caused by electrical equipment and electrical line leakage; Prevent single-phase electric shock accidents during power consumption, cut off in time Single-phase ground fault in the operation of electrical equipment to prevent electrical fire accidents caused by electric leakage.
5. Monitoring function: online water quality conductivity online monitoring function and initial setting function, all levels of pure water / ultra-pure water resistivity online monitoring function, system water quality, temperature, pressure and flow conditions, digital display, accurate and intuitive.
6. Setting function: ultra-pure water water qualitative setting, Chinese and English interface and operating clock settings, system cycle time settings.
7. Historical data record review function: previous water intake time, water volume, water quality, consumables replacement record, etc.
8. Multi-media filter, activated carbon filter timing automatic backwash, softening system timing automatic regeneration function.
9. System rationalized design, humanized operation, each processing unit is equipped with monitoring system, timed disinfection and cleaning function interface, water quality quality treatment, water quality and water volume upgrade function reserved, input and output interfaces are centralized, water treatment components are concentrated in one stainless steel cabinet The shape is neat and beautiful.
10. A set of equipment for a variety of purposes: can simultaneously produce ultra-pure water, pure water and drinking pure water, respectively, take water, and can lay the pipe network according to demand, the required water directly to the water intake point.
11. Component selection and interface modularization and generalization.
12. All equipments are equipped with remote monitoring and control system for easy management.
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