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Central Ultrapure Water System

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Product Description
The ECUPW series of products is a patented laboratory central water supply system that integrates various ultra-purification technologies and is an integrated central water supply system for global technological innovation.
ECUPW is designed for a laboratory, a floor or a laboratory building. The highly integrated design concept allows the laboratory's central water supply to replace the existing water supply while ensuring low operating costs.
Advantages Of ECUPW
Guaranteed by the following factors:
① Built-in water tank with composite breathing filter;
② Controlled distribution flow and a selection of purification techniques (eg dual UV design, purification, selection of ultra-purification columns, etc.);
③ Convenient and convenient disinfection process ensures long-term bacterial control.
④ The optimization module can be selected to achieve the desired inorganic and organic purity.
The modular design allows multiple ECUPWs to be integrated to form a network of water treatment equipment. The purity of the water (Class I, II or III) can be adjusted for specific laboratory applications and changed as needed. Small footprint: This water purification system saves valuable space in a factory or laboratory compared to conventional systems.
① Individual laboratory requirements can be met individually, without the need to follow a high specification for the entire building or all water outlets.
② The system is smaller, it is easier to maintain, and can be customized according to the needs of each laboratory. Faster commissioning and installation speeds make the installation process simple and fast, helping to reduce costs.
The following table provides an introduction to the ECUPW series and key features of each product to help you find the right system for your laboratory design.
Central Distribution System
Large central pure water/ultra pure water system
Medium-sized central pure water/ultra-pure water system
ECUPW standard model
Up to 20 l / min
Up to 12 l / min
ECUPW high flow model
Y 500-HWY
Y60/100/120/150/200/300- HWY
Up to 40 l / min
Up to 20 l / min
Water tank capacity
Pump Cycle
Reverse Osm
Double Ultraviolet (UV) Photooxidation
0.22 μm Filter
Deionization Technology
Compound Breathing Filter
System Monitoring / Safety Function
Fully Automated Loop Disinfection
EDI Module (Optional)
Water Production
(such as CENTRA 500, 800 and other water levels)
ECUPW CDS Central Distribution System
The ECUPW-CDS includes a 500 liter water tank and loop system that stores, controls, and distributes purified water throughout the building (or a laboratory). ECUPW-CDS has advanced bacterial inhibition by a combination of UV oxidation, deionization purification unit or EDI unit and 0.2 micron filter. The ECUPW-CDS High Flow Shift Model (HWY) delivers 40 liters of water per minute to meet peak demand.
① The main unit has a 500 liter water tank inside;
② Loop flow rate of 20 liters / minute; HWY type up to 40 liters / minute;
③ Online bacterial filter;
④ Circulating pump: used to distribute purified water in the loop system and transport it back to the water tank;
⑤ Access to a range of system detection and security functions via the central "Software" control panel;
⑥ 185nm & 254nm UV lamps to enhance bacterial control;
⑦ 0.22 micron filter to maintain water purity in the distribution loop;
⑧ Deionization purification unit or EDI module unit can be selected in the loop of ECUPW-CDS to provide a higher level of purified water required by users;
⑨ The composite breathing filter removes CO2 and bacteria from the air, maintaining the high quality of pure water;
⑩ Other safety monitoring functions, including water quality monitoring and consumable replacement tips.
ECUPW large and medium central pure water / ultra pure water system
Large and medium-sized central pure water systems such as ECUPWY-200, 300 and 500 provide complete purification, storage, control and distribution systems with reverse osmosis modules up to 200/300/500 liters or higher/hour and a 0.22 micron module filter.
Medium-sized central pure water / ultrapure water system ECUPW-Y 60/120/150
Elastic solution for small distribution requirements
① Flow rate up to 12 l / min, comes with a 200 liter water tank;
② CO2 removal process can extend the life of the column;
③ 0.22 micron filter to maintain loop water quality;
④ Optional deionization unit (plug and play) or EDI module unit in the loop;
⑤ 185nm & 254nm dual-wavelength UV lamps to enhance bacterial control;
⑥ Disinfection of the main engine and the circulating pipeline: the host RO and the internal circulation pipeline disinfection and the external circulation pipeline are automatically disinfected online by the host;
⑦ Data monitoring and security record: The host RS232 port can download relevant data; the recording mode can be freely selected, and it can be automatically recorded or recorded on demand at certain intervals;
⑧ High security of the system: internal loop of the host and all loop leakage shutdown alarm; water quality reminder, alarm; reminder replacement of the filter unit; user safety authority: including user, administrator, system-wide circulation pipeline disinfection Operations have permission to distinguish.
Large central pure water / ultrapure water system ECUPW–Y500
In addition to the technical features of the ECUPW-Y500 and above models, the ECUPW-Y500 also includes the following features.
① Standard system loop flow rate of up to 20 l / min, high flow variable speed model up to 40 l / min;
② RO reverse osmosis recovery rate: greater than or equal to 75%;
③ RO membrane has automatic booster pump and strainer in front;
④ Comes with 500 liters of PE material without dead angle water tank, using radiation injection ball type water inlet device;
⑤ Host monitoring display data: water quality conductivity and water temperature of host water production and circulation pipeline are continuously displayed, animation shows water tank storage capacity, circulation pipeline flow rate and pressure, night/working day selection mode;
⑥ Remote detection control of the device: The host can be connected with the building management system; with the remote monitoring display terminal, the host can be displayed and controlled remotely; the connection distance of the remote monitoring terminal is unlimited.
System design related training and education
When designing new laboratory facilities, EUG believes it is their responsibility to let customers, architects, consultants and contractors understand the complexities associated with central pure/ultra-pure water systems. We offer a range of training courses and seminars covering a wide range of topics, from detailed loop and system design to handling of key design issues.
Facility design, construction and installation–providing customized solutions through all-round cooperation
We understand the challenges of laboratory design, construction and equipment, whether you want a single laboratory, multiple laboratories or a complete pure water/ultra-pure water solution for all laboratories and related facilities in a building.
Our central pure water/ultra-pure water solutions are economically compliant with all laboratory water regulations and meet a range of organizational rules and certification requirements, including academic research laboratories at universities and research institutes, and clinical trials in hospitals. Laboratory, small biotechnology company's R&D lab, and laboratories for large pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies.
From the concept and adaptation scheme of the central pure water/ultra-pure water supply system design to the actual construction and installation of the pure water/super-line water system, the EUG team will work with architects, consultants, facility managers, suppliers and researchers. Help and support all phases together. The design and installation of the entire pure water/ultra-pure water system depends on a number of factors, including: specific scientific or clinical applications, quality of the feed water, required water quality range and level of compliance, water consumption range, such as weekly or daily. Maximum usage and normal usage, available space, budget.
In the concept, design and implementation of your project, EUG will provide you with a one-stop service from start to finish. In the early planning stage, when there is not much information from customers, we can provide assessments for a variety of situations. As the project progresses, we will conduct a “water consumption assessment” with the customer. This will determine the flow and water usage for each point of use (such as chromatographic chambers, sinks, glassware washers, and on-site ultrapure water systems) at a given time. Determining important data such as hourly, daily and weekly maximum and normal usage and pressure requirements, together with the distribution loop length and route, not only determines the total amount of pure water, but also determines Compliance and demanding systems (purification, purification, storage and distribution) specifications and types.
Based on this data, our team of sales engineers and project experts will use the ECUPW module and other necessary EUG products or custom components to design a perfectly matched system.
After installation and commissioning, our subsequent custom service and maintenance support will ensure that your system remains stable.
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