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Ultra Pure Water Host

① Fully automatic control, unattended, easy to operate, stable operation, long service life and low operating cost
② System leakage detection, water shortage protection, power failure reset, water full shutdown; automatic failure of consumables failure
③ Hygienic design of water tank to ensure water quality: HDPE material, vertebrae bottom, no dead angle, 100% full emptying
④ Internal circulation of the system during non-water intake to ensure stable high-quality water production, 185nm UV lamp
⑤ Software implements networked instrument management to meet standardized data archiving and traceability requirements
⑥ A variety of special terminal filters are available to ensure special requirements for different experiments
⑦ With quantitative water intake function, the range is 50ml-5L, 50ml step, can set the common fixed water volume
⑧ Multi-level navigation menu, perfect maintenance tips and alarm functions, multi-level menu with password protection
⑨ The system sets the 5-fold RO flush function. After the flushing is completed, it is automatically judged whether the water is made according to the liquid level.
Working Parameters
Influent Water Quality:tap water (water temperature 5-40℃);
Working Pressure:0.2~0.4Mpa;
Working Power Supply:AC220V/50Hz power 50-120W);
Interception Rate:≥99%;
Water Tank Equipped:standard 30L-70L sterile water tank;
Product Features
The color graphic display is clear and bright, showing various parameters, operating functions and water quality;
Water quality monitoring, RO pure water conductance, ultra-pure water resistance and other water quality monitoring monitoring display;
The printer can be connected via a Bluetooth communication interface to store five years of water quality data;
Self-contained perpetual calendar clock for easy setup of consumables and services;
With a separate mobile water intake arm.
Technical Indicators
Unique series (the whole machine is imported)
Model:EUG12-Duv  EUG24-Duv   EUG40-Duv  EUG60-Duv   EUG80-Duv
Prince series (domestic assembly)
Model:EUG12PY-Duv    EUG24PY-Duv    EUG40PY-Duv
EUG60PY-D Duv   EUG80PY- Duv
Lon chromatography; gas chromatography; trace metal analysis; atomic absorption/atomic emission spectroscopy; mass spectrometer; slow solution; high purity standard solution preparation; quantitative analysis of trace elements; HPLC high performance liquid chromatography; toxicity detection; Precision instrument water; DNA/RHA preparation; HPLC; immunological application; microbial application; electrophoresis; PCR; protein analysis/purification; buffer solution; high standard solution configuration; toxicity detection; TOC detection; bioengineering; Medium preparation; environmental monitoring; electrochemical research; IVF; biochip development
Water Production Index
Pure Water:resistivity >5MQ/cm@25°C, TOC<30PPb, in line with China's GB6682-2008 grade III water and ASTM CAPNCCLS standards; inorganic ion removal rate ≥96%; microbial removal rate ≥99%
Ultrapure Water:resistivity 1825MQ@25°C, TOC<5ppb; particles<1/ml(>0.22μm); microorganism<0.001cfu/ml; RNase<0.01ng/ml; heat source<0.001EU/ml; bisphenol A<0005ppb; (DEP-diethyl phthalate) <02ppb; (DNBP)<0.2ppb, superior to China GB6682-2008 water and ASTM CAP NCCLS standard
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