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Acid And Alkali Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

Basics Of Design
1. Laboratory acid-base exhaust gas source: the acid-base exhaust gas discharged from the laboratory through the fume hood and the universal cover during the experiment;
2. Laboratory acid and alkali waste gas treatment capacity: m3/h;
3. Laboratory acid-base exhaust gas components: acid waste gas and alkaline waste gas;
1) Acidic waste gas: NO2, CO2, SO2, SO3, N2O4, H2S, HCl, etc.
2) Basic waste gas: NH3, PH3, N2H4, H2NNH2, etc.;
4. Standards after laboratory exhaust gas treatment: in line with the secondary standard in the national exhaust gas comprehensive emission standard [GB16297-1996].
Equipment Introduction
The EUG laboratory acid-base waste gas treatment equipment treats the laboratory acid-base waste gas through the laboratory acid waste gas special adsorbent, laboratory alkaline waste gas special adsorbent, laboratory decolorization and deodorization special adsorbent, etc. :
Remarks: The above process is a process of acid-base exhaust gas treatment, and different treatment processes will be adopted for different exhaust gases.
The EUG laboratory acid-base waste gas treatment equipment is the most advanced technology at home and abroad, with the highest degree of automation, the best treatment effect, the smallest footprint, the simplest operation management and no need for special personnel. Room acid and alkali waste gas treatment equipment, praised by users, widely used in middle and high schools, research institutes, food and drug inspection, product quality inspection, disease control center, environmental monitoring, agricultural product quality inspection, inspection and quarantine, grain and oil Testing, animal disease control, blood stations, animal husbandry, medical institutions, hospitals, bio-pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, enterprises and other laboratories, laboratory exhaust gas treatment, after treatment, the exhaust gas meets the national emission comprehensive discharge standard [GB16297-1996] The secondary standard, the treated exhaust gas can be directly discharged into the atmosphere.
Model Selection
Product Category
Specification Model
Processing Capacity
Small laboratory acid and alkali exhaust gas centralized treatment
Exhaust Air Volume:1000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -1800
Exhaust Air Volume:1800m3/h
EUG-SFQ -2500
Exhaust Air Volume:2500m3/h
EUG-SFQ -3000
Exhaust Air Volume:3000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -4000
Exhaust Air Volume:4000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -5000
Exhaust Air Volume:5000m3/h
Medium-sized laboratory acid-base exhaust gas centralized
EUG-SFQ -6000
Exhaust Air Volume:6000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -8000
Exhaust Air Volume:8000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -10000
Exhaust Air Volume:10000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -12000
Exhaust Air Volume:12000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -15000
Exhaust Air Volume:15000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -18000
Exhaust Air Volume:18000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -20000
Exhaust Air Volume:20000m3/h
Large laboratory acid and alkali exhaust gas centralized treatment equipment
EUG-SFQ -25000
Exhaust Air Volume:25000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -28000
Exhaust Air Volume:28000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -30000
Exhaust Air Volume:30000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -40000
Exhaust Air Volume:40000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -50000
Exhaust Air Volume:50000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -80000
Exhaust Air Volume:80000m3/h
EUG-SFQ -100000
Exhaust Air Volume:100000m3/h
Remarks: The processing capacity and size of laboratory acid-base exhaust gas treatment equipment can be customized according to the actual needs of users.
1. The product has wide practicality and can treat a variety of mixed inorganic, organic, toxic and odorous waste gases;
2. The product adopts a number of most advanced technologies to carry out multi-pass treatment and purification of exhaust gas to meet emission standards;
3. The product is centrally controlled by the central government, with high degree of automation and no need for special personnel;
4. The product can realize the timing switch machine, fan frequency conversion control;
5. Product module type integration technology, good processing effect, will not produce secondary pollution such as waste residue, waste gas;
6. The product is simple to operate, easy to centralize management, low operating costs;
7. The product is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, low noise, low power, multiple security protection, etc.
8. The product through the "one-stop" integrated design, beautiful appearance, small footprint.
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