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Waste Treatment Comparison

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Basics Of Design
① Waste Liquid Handling Capacity:        L/D;
② Laboratory waste liquid components: inorganic, organic, biological;
③ Pyrolysis chamber pressure: using negative pressure design, -1 ~ -3mmH2O column;
④ Average calorific value: 3000kcal/kg;
⑤ Waste liquid treatment method: waste liquid collection + quantitative dosing + waste liquid pretreatment unit + first stage spray vortex pyrolysis treatment unit + plasma cracking gasification melt processing unit + secondary spray vortex pyrolysis treatment unit + set Dust unit + wet cooling absorption processing unit + dry adsorption processing unit + centrifugal fan + independent exhaust.
1. Safety Indicators
1.1 System safety protection device, when the system starts abnormally, the power is automatically turned off and the equipment stops running;
1.2 Before stopping the operation, the system detects the pyrolysis chamber cooling program, and when the temperature of the pyrolysis chamber drops to the set temperature, the system stops all operations;
1.3 There is a connection protection device between the control cabinet and each control device to avoid leakage. When the relative humidity is 85%, the insulation resistance of the electrical circuit is not less than 2MΩ, and there is a grounding wire to transmit the leakage power. Metal hose protection outside the connection;
1.4 Data display mode: equipped with luxury intelligent touch screen instrument, real-time curve display, U disk can be used to export data, install viewing software on the computer;
1.5 with 485 conversion interface to achieve interconnection with the computer. Optional dedicated computer control system to complete the system's remote control, real-time tracking, history, output reports and other functions.
1.6 The system is equipped with power indication, switch and alarm device;
1.7 It is equipped with an overload protection alarm device to protect the motor from overload;
1.8 Temperature monitoring, display, alarm device.
2. Wide practicality: It can be adapted to the comprehensive waste liquid treatment of various laboratories;
3. High degree of automation: central centralized control, friendly man-machine interface, simple operation, automatic operation, no need to be on duty;
4. Automatic protection function: automatic protection function of water leakage or leakage, high and low voltage automatic protection function, no waste liquid automatic protection function, automatic protection function of each processing unit, overload protection function of electrical equipment, electrical line overload protection function;
5. Low operating costs: low power, low energy consumption; stable operation, fewer failures, low maintenance costs; no need to be on duty, free of personnel management fees;
6. Environmentally friendly: the system uses a double-type silent motor and anti-corrosion pump, low noise; the whole process is closed, no odor;
7. Intelligent integration: Through the "one-stop" integrated design, the floor space is small, the processing speed is fast, the installation and movement are convenient, the engineering equipment is truly realized, and the appearance is beautiful;
8. PLC programmable intelligent control system + 10 inch human-machine interface operating system: system control using programmable logic controller (PLC) + 10 inch LCD touch screen + remote control system to complete the automatic control and monitoring of electrical and instrumentation, LCD liquid crystal display Chinese display, man-machine dialogue function, clock and language setting function, automatic detection of equipment electronic control system when starting, automatic processing of waste liquid.
8.1 All operations of the equipment can be realized through remote monitoring and operation;
8.2 Remote monitoring displays the operating status of each unit, animated flow charts, alarms and operating conditions, instrumentation status, etc.
8.3 It is equipped with automatic protection of abnormal state such as lack of waste liquid, power failure, overload, etc., automatic fault alarm and processing function;
8.4 The system can automatically prompt the user to replace the relevant parts of the host and other internal self-test information;
8.5 Can automatically record and manage historical running data and analysis, and can be printed as a report;
8.6 The system has a complete prompt function: internal self-test information, etc., so that the user can completely see the operating status of the system at a glance;
8.7 The control system displays all the monitoring parameters on the same interface. Whether using automatic control or manual control, the interlock control of the relevant operation links of the system can be realized without mutual interference. The system supports optional wired/wireless remote PC control, IC card management, Telephone alarm; full digital operation indicator, all data is stored in SD card and supports USB printout.
9. Time switch function: The device can set the morning automatic boot time and the night automatic shutdown time according to the customer's situation. After the time is set, the device automatically starts up every morning, and automatically shuts down at night, eliminating the operator every morning and evening. Go to the device processing room to boot and shut down;
10. Remote monitoring and operation function: The customer only needs remote monitoring, operation and remote management of the waste liquid treatment system in the waste liquid treatment room through the remote control software installed in the computer or mobile phone or the central control room in the office or the central control room. Always understand the operation and operation status of the equipment. It is a formal and legal software, will not be killed by anti-virus software as a virus, will not affect the stability of the system, completely free remote control software.
Selection Instructions
Equipment Model
(The last number represents the amount of processing, which is changed according to the actual situation of the customer)
Laboratory waste liquid processing capacity
2L/D、5L/D、8L/D、10L/D、15L/D、20L/D、30L/D、40L/D、50L/D、60L/D、80L/D、100L/D、120L/D、150L/D、200L/D、300L/D、500L/D etc.
Laboratory waste composition
Inorganic waste liquid, organic waste liquid, biological waste liquid
High temperature pyrolysis chamber pressure
Negative pressure design, no backfire
Average calorific value
Pyrolysis temperature
First-grade high temperature pyrolysis chamber:800-1200℃
Secondary high temperature pyrolysis chamber:1000-1500℃
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