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Intelligent Integrated Sewage Treatment

China's water resources are in short supply, and the water pollution situation is getting worse. Many cities are facing water shortages. Urban sewage treatment and reuse are imperative. Traditional centralized sewage treatment has serious problems such as difficult sewage collection, high investment in pipe network, large floor space and inconvenient construction, which seriously restricts sewage treatment rate and COD emission reduction. Therefore, decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse integration technology has become A useful and necessary complementary measure of centralized processing.
Some existing decentralized sewage treatment equipments at home and abroad use only a single aerobic biochemical treatment process, and nitrogen and phosphorus removal are not ideal; some adopt a single aeration method and have high energy consumption; some use artificial wetland and other plant treatment methods. The land occupation is too large, affected by the climate, and the operation is unstable; some equipments are not highly integrated and occupy a large area. In view of the above situation, combined with the status quo of domestic sewage in our country, through repeated practice and exploration, our company has independently developed an integrated sewage treatment and reuse equipment – ​​membrane technology integrated sewage treatment system.
Technical Advantages
Successfully established anaerobic MBR - solving the problem of high energy consumption in conventional MBR process
Near-zero emissions of organic sludge - solving the problem of excess sludge treatment
Gasification of phosphorus in sewage - solving the problem of phosphorus removal without sludge
Achieve efficient simultaneous nitrogen removal - solving the problem of simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal in a single reactor
Breaking Through Tradition
Breaking through the difficulties of “centralized sewage treatment plant”
Sewage collection is difficult
Sewage reuse is difficult
Sludge treatment is difficult
Break through the disadvantages of "conventional decentralized processing technology"
It is not easy to form scale
Incomplete operation (due to sludge treatment)
Difficult to achieve stable compliance
Three Provinces
Energy saving - more than 50% energy saving compared to similar products
Provincial land - more than 50% compared with sewage treatment plants
Labor-saving - fully automatic operation
Three Fast
Fast on the horse - integrated design, mass production, completed within one month
Fast effect - the water is up to half a month after the installation is completed
Fast recycling - short payback due to effluent
Three Low
Low effluent COD - effluent COD ≤ 50mg/L
Low investment - no need to build a new pipe network, the overall cost is much lower than the urban sewage treatment plant
Low operating costs - direct operating costs per ton of water are 30%-50% less than traditional
Scope Of Application
● The upgrading and upgrading of existing urban sewage treatment plants, especially those that are difficult to meet the standard of effluent water quality or have a large increase in the flow rate;
● Residential areas without drainage network system, such as residential areas, tourist resorts, scenic areas, residential quarters, etc.;
● Areas or places where sewage reuse needs, such as highway service areas, hotels, car washes, passenger planes, mobile toilets, etc., fully utilize MBR's small footprint, compact equipment, automatic control, flexible and convenient;
● Hospital wastewater, livestock and poultry farming wastewater;
● High concentration, toxic, and difficult to degrade industrial wastewater treatment. Such as paper, sugar, alcohol, leather, synthetic fatty acids, synthetic ammonia and other industries, MBR can effectively treat these wastewaters that are not up to standard treatment process, and achieve reuse;
● Electroplating wastewater treatment and recovery of precious metals;
● Treatment and reuse of landfill leachate.
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