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Air flotation system

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Air flotation system
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The successful application of ion air flotation comes from the close cooperation between China, the United States and Germany, and it has been highly praised by users in the field of international environmental protection. Our company's in-depth cooperation with the United States Eug, whose leading Eug type ion air flotation equipment is an important achievement in the field of environmental protection. The project covers the sewage treatment of papermaking, pulping, printing and dyeing, desalination of seawater, municipal administration, slaughtering, petroleum, chemical industry, food, tanning , pharmaceutical industry, brewing, electroplating, beneficiation, coal chemical industry and other industries. There are more than 1000 large-scale projects in China, and more than 2000 equipment are in operation. The removal rate of COD can reach more than 90%, the lowest removal rate of total phosphorus (P, mg / L) can be treated to 0.01, and the removal rate of chromaticity can reach more th an 95%, and the dosage of PAC drug can be reduced by more than 150ppm compared with ordinary shallow air flotation, or no dosage is needed.
Shallow ion air flotation consists of air flotation pool body, water distribution bucket mechanism, sludge bucket mechanism, rotating frame mechanism, water distribution pipe mechanism, slag skimming mechanism, water level regulating mechanism, clear water outlet mechanism, driving and slag skimming mechanism, rotary collector, electric control box, walkway plate, guardrail, accessories, micro oxidation strong dissolved gas system, micro bubble generation system, etc.
The raw water to be treated is pumped to the central water inlet pipe through the lifting pump, and the dissolved air water and the medicine liquid are pumped together to the central water inlet pipe for mixing, and then evenly distributed to the air flotation tank through the water distribution pipe. The slag skimming mechanism is synchronous with the driving mechanism of the main engine, and there is no dead water area. The scum is collected while rotating and stirred, and discharged out of the tank through the central mud pipe. The clear water in the pool is discharged from the center through the clear water collection pipe, which is also synchronized with the driving mechanism of the main engine. The clear water pipe and the water distribution pipe are separated by the water distribution mechanism and do not interfere with each other. The sediment at the bottom of the pool is scraped into the mud bucket by scraper and discharged regularly.

Application scope:
As a process of water treatment, air flotation is widely used in sewage treatment and water supply purification projects.
The air flotation application industry includes but is not limited to the following industries:
Desalination of sea water, treatment of black and smelly river course, treatment of domestic wastewater, treatment of swine wastewater, treatment of chemical wastewater, treatment of industrial wastewater, reuse of reclaimed water, treatment of electroplating wastewater, treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, treatment of papermaking wastewater, treatment of aquaculture wastewater, treatment of coal mine wastewater, treatment of oily wastewater, treatment of slaughtering wastewater, treatment of heavy metal wastewater, treatment of municipal standards, treatment of food wastewater New sewage treatment plant and waterworks, upgrading of existing sewage treatment plant (removal of total phosphorus and SS), algae and SS removal in Waterworks

technological process:
(1) the sewage flows to the water collecting tank through the trench to make the water quality and quantity balanced;
(2) it is lifted to shallow air flotation tank by sewage lift pump;
(3) the shallow air flotation sewage enters into the pipe orifice to add PAC and PAM, and is fully mixed through the mixing pipe at the bottom of the air flotation tank, and then mixed with some positive charged micro bubbles generated by the gas dissolving system, so that the micro bubbles can be adsorbed with the pollutants in the flocs and waste water, and bridged into the air flotation water distribution system;
(4) the waste water will enter the air flotation tank through the water distribution system, and the waste water entering the air flotation tank will reach zero speed in the water distribution area and air flotation area through the air flotation water distribution system and stepless speed regulating device;
(5) under the action of buoyancy and zero velocity, the agglomerated flocs and the pollutants bridged by microbubbles can be separated rapidly;
(6) in the clear water area of the shallow air flotation pool, the floating scum pollutants are removed by the sludge skimming spoon with spiral, and flow to the sludge bucket automatically, and flow to the scum pool automatically under the effect of gravity;
(7) the clean water separated in the lower layer flows to the clean water tank automatically through the clean water extraction tank pipe under the rotary drum;
(8) the scum in the scum tank is delivered to the sludge dewatering system by the sludge pump, and the filtrate is discharged to the water collection tank from the trench, and the dry sludge is transported out for landfill or comprehensive treatment.

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